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“I no longer have to turn over the TV every time there is something on with hospitals or birth involved”

With a background in midwifery, I understand how debilitating mental health problems can be before, during and after having a baby. I am an expert in birth trauma and have been treating women and birth partners using human givens techniques since 2019 with outstanding results.

Birth Trauma

The common symptoms of birth trauma can range from flashback, intrusive thoughts, nightmares and feeling anxious or panicky when thinking about birth to less severe symptoms such as avoiding feelings or memories to do with birth, loss of interest in activities, disconnect from friends and family or simply just feeling in a constant state of irritability or on edge.

I will listen to your unique birth experience in a sympathetic and non-judgmental way. Teach you breathing techniques to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and panic, use a proven technique to help dissolve the strong negative emotions attached to the memory of your birth, help to rebuild your confidence and move forward.

Antenatal Depression and Anxiety

Many women struggle during their pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Using the Human Givens framework we can look at the how to best use your skills and resources to get your needs met in a healthy balanced way to overcome these feelings during pregnancy.

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression can be linked to trauma, stress or big changes in lifestyle causing your emotional needs to be unmet. By looking at the cycle of depression and using your skills and resources we can work towards a brighter future.


For many couples trying for a baby can be a stressful and debilitating time, putting strain on your mental health and your relationships. We also know that stress itself can prevent you from becoming pregnant. Understanding how we can lower your emotional arousal and looking at your skills and resources to make positive changes can alleviate some of the stress associated with fertility issues.

Birth Partners

It is not uncommon for birth partners to have symptoms of trauma after witnessing birth and I am experienced in treating birth partners.

Miscarriage or Loss

Many women struggle to overcome the feelings of grief linked to miscarriage or loss. Grief is a natural process, however, if it becomes all consuming, unmanageable or affects you wanting to try for a family in the future then I can help to support you and find practical ways to move forwards in a positive and healthy way.



Come and join me for face-to-face therapy in our comfortable bespoke studio in Horsham.


Most of our services can now be delivered via Zoom.


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