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Image by Fauzan Saari


The birth of my twins was nothing out of the ordinary. Premature twins arrive by C-Section everyday. However, events related to the birth that happened five weeks later was the stuff of nightmares.

I knew I needed help in dealing with what had happened to me. I was getting flashbacks (even two years later), I was having nightmares, and I just couldn't bear to think about what happened let alone talk about it. 


I saw Emma for Birth Trauma therapy, and honestly, I did not know what to expect. Emma is so friendly and reassuring. She made me feel at ease and explained everything to me so clearly.


I am amazed at how well the sessions worked. I am now able to think about what has happened with calmness rather than wanting to run away and hide from it. For two years every time I was at a certain place a flashback would occur and after the sessions, I realised I had been there again and not given it a thought. The relief was overwhelming.


I cannot thank you enough Emma for your help. It is truly life changing. Thank you.

I contacted Emma regarding the birth trauma therapy following two traumatic births. After my second child was born I really struggled to comes to terms with the events before during and after her arrival and it had left me feeling angry upset anxious and frightened.

Emma was so patient and kind and took time to get to know me a bit before we started on the treatment. I felt at ease with her and very quickly felt I could trust her to help me through these emotions in a safe environment.


There were some hard moments during the sessions but at no point did I feel pushed beyond what I could handle and the miracle of it all is that you don't even have to talk about the details if you can't face doing that.


It has made such a difference to how I feel. I still know I didn't get an amazing peaceful birth, but I don't feel the raw emotions that I did before and it doesn't affect my everyday life. I can finally move on and accept what happened, and don't have to turn over the TV every time there is an something on with hospitals or birth involved!


Thank you Emma, you have given me some peace back and helped me to get the perspective I so needed to move on and concentrate on the best bits of being a mummy.

I started treatment with Emma when I was pregnant with my son, 15 months after I suffered a very traumatic miscarriage. 

At the time, I was feeling really isolated. It was difficult for friends and family to support me in the way that I needed because from the outside I looked exactly the same as I always had, but on the inside I felt like a completely different person. 


People around me tended to assume that becoming pregnant again meant my problems were now resolved, but the truth was that pregnancy after loss was an extremely scary, triggering and turbulent ride. 


I had tried to seek help through other channels but had not been referred correctly. Being left unsure of how to navigate the system, I ended up doing nothing and during this time the trauma I was suffering with took over my life. I was experiencing high levels of anxiety including physical symptoms such as shaking and raised pulse, feelings of panic, intrusive negative thoughts, constant repetitive behaviours and vivid flashbacks. 


Realising Emma was the right person to help me was the biggest relief and a really important first step to recovery. Firstly we chatted on the phone and she instantly put me at ease with her very approachable manner. It felt like I could really open up and talk to her honestly, as well as ask questions. Knowing she had experience of dealing with situations similar to mine and seemed confident my trauma could be resolved also filled me with confidence and I started to feel more positive straight away. 


I only needed three sessions of trauma resolution with Emma. During them, she really made me feel comfortable, safe and at ease. It seemed like it could be scary to bring a traumatic event up in my mind, but Emma is so professional and I trusted her completely. For me, the sessions were overwhelmingly positive experiences and I benefited from the effects immediately. 

The fact that Emma has such great knowledge and experience in the field of midwifery also helped me to better understand what I had been through and come to terms with it. 


After completing the trauma resolution, I feel like I am back to being the person I was before. It enabled me to accept and process what had happened to me, and move forward from that. I will never forget what happened, and neither would I want to, but I am no longer plagued by the memories. They have their place, but not on a constant playback loop invading my daily life. 


Over two years on, I am still grateful to Emma beyond words. She not only helped me get my life back on track, but by taking care of my mental health before I had my son, she also gave him the best possible start in life making sure he had a happy and healthy Mum. 


Although it can seem daunting to take the first step of asking for help, with Emma the whole process was so natural and easy. I can't recommend getting in touch with Emma highly enough. She is so empathetic, genuinely motivated to help people and an all round lovely person.

Before starting psychotherapy with Emma, I had a phobia of motorway and dual carriageway driving. I had experienced panic attacks whilst driving on these kinds of roads, and the thought of even going on them would make me feel sick, and scared to the point that I would just avoid them. This impacted on my life a lot as it prevented me from going to many places as I was just to fearful to drive anywhere unless I knew the route really well and it didn’t result in me driving on motorways etc.


However, during Emma’s sessions, she got to the bottom of where my anxiety first started and helped me to face my fears by setting me small challenges each week and teaching me exercises of how to calm myself when starting to drive on these kinds of roads. It helped change my way of thinking and my confidence grew massively due to it.

The sessions were very relaxing and Emma always made me feel so at ease. I am now able to drive on any roads, even if I have never been on them before. I have been on several different motorways since and I always feel calm and relaxed. Emma’s sessions have literally changed my life as I no longer feel fearful when driving, I have been to so many new places as I no longer feel I have to avoid going anywhere due to my driving anxiety.

I am so very thankful to her. She is so knowledgeable and brilliant at what she does. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Emma!

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