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Humans givens therapy is practical and scienced based approach and uses the most up to date therapeutic techniques and a holistic overview of what we need as human beings to be emotionally healthy in order to achieve effective and long-lasting outcomes.

People are sometimes apprehensive that therapy will dig up past events and discuss difficult feelings or events, but this model works in line with the latest research working on the here and now. During the sessions we will look at what has brought you to seek help and develop some clear goals to move towards. Then using your own skills and resources and an array of tools I will help you to leave distressing memories behind, and leave you feeling like you can think clearly and be confident and hopeful in your ability to move forward.

Most clients will feel better in just 4-6 sessions, although this can vary depending on the complexity of the cases and there is no commitment to a course of treatment, you book the next session as and when you feel it is needed.


We are all aware that without the basic needs such as food, water, warmth and shelter we become distressed. However, research has shown that we also have a set of emotional needs that need to be met in order to maintain emotionally and mentally healthy. The need for security, privacy, intimacy, control, status, social connection, meaning and purpose, competence and achievement are all just as important for us to thrive mentally and physically. In order to meet these needs we have innate resources such as the ability to build rapport, to empathise and connect with others, the ability to learn and problem solve, to imagine and plan and also to take a step back and look at things objectively. If over time our needs are not being a met and our resources are not being used optimally our mental health will begin to deteriorate. As Human Givens practitioners we aim to work with you to address what needs are not being met and how you can best use your resources to meet these needs, as well as teaching you important life- coping skills to ensure improvement of your mental state and emotional wellbeing.


- Depression
- Anxiety
- Addiction
- Stress
- Phobias
- Self-Harm
- Sleep Issues



Come and join me for face-to-face therapy in our comfortable bespoke studio in Horsham.


Most of our services can now be delivered via Zoom.


Fill in our form and I'll call you for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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